Project Details

This project was a design proposal for the 4* Lagunablu Hotel, in Brazil. The project started by rebranding the whole communication of the hotel, with a new logo - simpler, cleaner and somewhat still a bit informal, as the place itself. Bright colours and simple typography were used to give the hotel a whole new visibility.

The website is now more user-friendly, allowing visiters to book and check rooms availability right at the homepage. News, packages, available offers, gallery and a 360º tour through the place are some of the features of the website.

The app is destined to the guests. Login is made using a unic code given at the check-in moment. Users can use the app for laundry and room services, restaurant and bar orders/reservations, transfers, taxis and other facilities. The fact that the app keeps track of all the expenses and requests is a plus for both the guest, and the hotel.

  • Client Lagunablu Hotel
  • Created at PGS Agency
  • Completed on 2017
  • Skills AI / PS